Lol @ Lucas

Last night I was at Lucas’s house majority of my day (I had went shopping with his mom and his brother’s girlfriend, and after we went to the house to make dinner for everyone). When we were done eating dinner, Lucas and I went to his room to lay down so I could here about his day (he had a really long day at work, so there was a lot to listen to). While he was talking, I noticed there was a few bugers in his nose, so, because it’s completely natural for me to do this to my two tobbler brother, I started getting them out for him while he was talking. He kind of just gave me a suprised look, and then said some likeĀ "This is how I know you love me like you say you do, because you pick my nose for me. I love you so incrediblely much oh my God oh my God oh my God you are perfection itself."

So, the moral of the story girls?

Win a guy’s heart by picking their nose for them.

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